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My new kitchen is an allegory of my culinary vision. The building was remodelled from top to bottom by Atelier 82, an architectural firm from Marseille, to marry together light, elegance and functionality. A wall made entirely from glass allows light to flood in and guests to admire the eternal ballet of the cooks and pastry chefs. White dominates. It is a colour very dear to me, synonymous with purity but also conducive to creativity due to its neutral nature.


On the ground floor the Molteni range, which I designed, is used for induction and plancha cooking. The master room, it is designed to gather the various cooking stations - garnishes, meat, fish and sauce - in the same space. I want to encourage communication between the members of my team, and the cooking range plays a big part in this. The range is also ideal for quick cooking. I define myself as an ephemeral chef, and I love whipping up magic in an instant.  In front of the range is the area for plating up, and in front of that the service area.

I have deliberately kept the distances between these key areas short in order to better focus everyone's energy.


The first floor is dedicated to pastries and baking.

My desserts are veritable culinary creations - a never-ending hunt for unusual flavour combinations that shun the sugary. For example, I transform bitterness into sweetness, but one that is more subtle than sugar.

Bread is an infinite playground for me. I have always been interested in fermented products like tea, coffee and cocoa, and bread is the fermented product par excellence. It is a pillar of French cuisine and the ideal foundation for pairing flavours.  Cereals and genmaicha, Ethiopian coffee, Voatsiperifery pepper, and even beer are just some of the ingredients I have added to my bread.


A new style of cooking is always a challenge for a chef. There exists, to my mind, an obvious link between technology and creativity. Inspiration is as inseparable from execution as the head is from the hand. I believe deeply in the intelligence of the hand and the elegance of action. My new kitchen is therefore both an extension of my culinary vision and a tool that encourages me to reinvent through action, by "doing".

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