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Where would a chef be without all of these magnificent ingredients, born from the hard work and commitment of eco-conscious men and women?



Faced with the growing industrialisation of our food industry and intensive farming techniques that are harmful to animals, consumers and the planet; in reaction to ways of feeding us that no longer make sense and the loss of our national, regional and local culinary identity; and in order to relearn the importance of education and teaching future generations about the desire and need to think about the food they eat, I am doing what I can as a chef to promote farming techniques that respect the environment, consumers, and of course taste!


I use local ingredients wherever possible, and select my suppliers with the utmost care, like Jean-Louis Chabert, who for years has been providing Maison Pic with squabs. He raises them sustainably in the foothills of Vercors and feeds them with wholegrain to guarantee exceptional quality. The taste and tenderness of their meat is second to none, especially since my father suggested they be suffocated instead of cutting the jugular vein, as was still customary in the 1980s.


Similarly, my young goats are reared in Drôme in the commune of Forêt de Saou, a designated area of natural beauty. Horned goat kid, which is rarely farmed in France, is fed for a month by its mother, which grazes exclusively on hay from the Saou forest, as well as alfalfa hay and barley hay. The kids can then benefit from the springtime pastures in this biodiverse forest and in the hills and mountains, thanks to which their meat becomes delicious and tender.


This attention to detail is what makes my suppliers people I can trust, instruments for teaching expertise and taste, main actors on the revived agricultural and culinary stage, who ask the right questions and highlight new food issues. The message they convey is one that is dear to my heart, and I try to relay it onto my guests in my own way - the importance of knowing where our food comes from, the trust we place in those who produce it, reducing the number of steps between producer and consumer... These are the principles I try to apply every day in my restaurants, for flawless quality and taste.

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